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Kenton County 911 fees

Mar 06 2017

                If you own rental property in Kenton County Kentucky, then get ready as there are some new fees coming.  If you are like me, you must be scratching your head and thinking “what now?”  I already pay occupational license fees, rental license fees, property taxes, 911 parcel tax, storm water tax so what else could they possibly charge me for?  Well the current

administration is looking at imposing a
“911 Dwelling” tax on apartment owners.   So, if you have a 10-unit property then you will be assessed an additional $650 per year to help fund the 911 center.  Their reasoning?  Campbell County did it (to the tune of $45 per unit) and the state of Kentucky supreme court upheld it. 

                The belief is that apartment dwellers utilize 911 services more than non-apartment dwellers therefore the per unit fee is fair and just to help fund the 911 dispatch center services.  Keep in mind that commercial retail spaces under the current proposes legislation counts as 1 dwelling and will be assessed the fee once.  Now how is it that a large commercial retail store for instance has less calls for 911 service than say a 10-unit apartment building?  Does that sound logical or fair?  But under this legislation being proposed by the Kenton County Fiscal Court that same 10-unit building will pay $650 whereas Walmart will pay $65.  

                In my opinion if you want to assess it fairly do it based off a square footage of your commercial space.  This way commercial apartment buildings and retail centers will pay their fair share based on the size of space they occupy.  If they leave it the way it is then you can surely believe that the cost will be passed down to the renters ultimately, and given that there are a lot of renters that are on fixed incomes or leave pay-check to pay-check this will ultimately hurt their pocket books.

                In the end, some sort of fee is going to levied and places on these types of properties let’s just hope Kenton County Fiscal court does the fair and right thing and spread the cost equally instead of making the apartment industry bear the cost. 

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