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Why the Donald won

Nov 14 2016

                Now that the shock of the presidential election is over and Trump is on his way to taking up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania I want to give my opinion, just like everyone else has, on why Trump won and what America is saying by


 electing him.  Before going on I want to get a few things out of the way.  I personally did vote for Trump but this isn’t an article bashing anyone that voted for Hillary, Johnson or any other person they may have wrote in.  I had personal reservations, just as millions of other Americans did and for me the choice wasn’t an easy one.  The purpose of this blog is to just discuss the why and not the “who’s right or who’s wrong” in the election.

                When America elected Obama for the first time they made a huge statement.  That statement is the same statement that was made recently with the election of Trump and it’s simple: “It’s time to change.”  The last eight years have not been perfect by a stretch of the means but the problems that Obama faced during his tenure were the results dated further back than him.  He was not a perfect president by any sense of the means but this blog post will not go into what he did right or wrong as he is not the subject.  But what Obama did represent at the time of his victory was change and that he was different from the normal in every way possible.

                Americans were fed up with the spending on the war, job loss, housing crash starting and they wanted something different.  Obama not only looked different, being that he was the first African American elected to the office, but he had little political experience and he was offering a message of change and America bought.  Now whether you like it or not it’s eight years later and America again is wanting something drastically different.  People that once voted for Obama at a young age now have had eight years of their own struggles and hardships and they want something different.  Trump is the furthest thing you can get from Obama, or at least he appears to be.  He is white, he’s a pure capitalist, he is not soft spoken much like Obama nor is he a “politician.”  He’s not only opposite Obama he is completely opposite of anyone that was considering running being that he has never held a single political office in his life.  Whether you like that about him or not he’s clearly representative of the most change possible that Americans had to choose from and that is one thing that bolstered his popularity at the polls.

                You may not agree with what he says but you must admit that Trump will say publicly what a lot of average everyday people are thinking, whether it makes sense or not.  A lot of it I think was for “shock value” and to just find a way to make a connection with Americans but totally unrealistic. Let’s take the “build a wall” as an example.  The logistics of creating such a wall will be challenging to damn near impossible yet I know personally that I have experienced frustration with our lack of border security and how our tax dollars are used on illegal immigrants for benefits.  Many Americans have read an article or saw a news story about homeless vets or other domestic problems or perhaps experienced a tax increase in some form or fashion that is probably totally unrelated but still ads to growing frustrations.  It’s an issue that needs handled somehow someway yet no one has a viable plan.  Trump came out with “build a wall” and while that plan is probably not realistic it’s a plan nonetheless and a lot of Americans are just fed up with the growing problem that the fact that someone came up and suggested anything at all gained him popularity in his campaign message.

                Another thing Trump offered was honesty and transparency.  You may not have liked what he had to stay on issues or things that he had done but at least you knew about them and how he felt.  With Politicians historically hiding things from their past and being secretive Americans feel lied too.  Honestly the entire email debacle with Hillary probably was more of her being not so smart with emails than a deliberate liar; however, she was labeled as dishonest with it and she certainly did not do herself any favors or make any real efforts to paint a different picture so because of that, among other inconsistencies, half-truths and lies she appeared to be a liar and dishonest and the voters are tired of feeling betrayed and tricked and with Trump, while they may not like his stance, opinion or past action, at least you can feel like you know what it is therefore and no what to expect and what is coming next.

                If Hillary would have offered something different in her campaign of change then her chances would have greatly been increased.  For all intents and purposes she ran a very similar platform and Campaign that appeared to most people a continuation of the Obama administration, and whether you support that or not is not the issue, the issue enough other voters did not support that and were set on having some sort of change happen.  It does not matter if you voted for Trump or not the election is over, the people have spoken and he is the next President of the United States and it’s time for our nation to move forward together for the next four years until it’s time to decide if President – elect Trump deserves four more years or not.  If you disagree with Trump and his administration, then there is a right way to do that.  Denouncing him as president, moving to Canada, being nasty to people just because their political views are different than yours or worse being violent are not the right ways.  Nothing positive comes from these sorts of activities and by engaging them you persuade those who do support him to support him even more.  As I said before I did vote for Trump and I pray that we as a nation made the right choice with it and I’m hopeful of what is to come.

Jesse Brewer

Real estate Broker, Author and Investor

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