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Landlords constitutional rights violated

Nov 04 2016

During the 1750’s the slogan “No Taxation without representation” originated and it summarized a primary grievance of the American Colonist, which was one of the major causes of the American Revolution.  As the phrase suggest it means that people should not have to pay taxes for things in which they have no democratic voice, or vote.  When the slogan first took root, it was because the Americans were paying taxes to the British colonies yet they had no elected officials representing them.  When the founding fathers set up our government taxing

the citizens was a major debate. There was great argument that the federal government would abuse its power to tax and the fear to allow them to do so was a major concern.  This is where the idea of a people’s congress was born.  Basically, members of congress represent persons that live in a certain area, the people vote for that representative and they in turn vote for them accordingly.  The people now have a voice and are being represented and have taxation with representation; however, the problem is when this was set up and formed the idea of local governments was not considered thus creating the violations of the constitution we have now, taxation without representation.

                If you stop and think about it taxation without representation is happening each day.   If you work in a certain municipality but don’t live there you are subject to a payroll tax, which could be 1-2% of your pay, depending on where you work; however, but because you don’t live in that locale you do not get to vote on local issues such as city government, school levies etc.  Owning investment property in other areas you do not live is the exact same thing.  For the privilege of owning property in another city that you do not live you get to pay city property taxes, county property taxes, school taxes, business licensing fees and whatever other local tax lawmakers in that area can come up with; however, if you do not live in that area you do not get to vote on anything. 

                I can understand the need to limit one’s vote on federal issues such as a vote for president, a vote for a congressman or senator and even limiting one’s vote for state issues such as governor or state representative; however, if you are subject to local taxations and laws such as school board taxes, city taxes, occupational license taxes then whether you live in that city or not you should be able to vote if the elected officials of that area can impact you financially.  By not being able to vote and have a voice on such issues that is the very core definition of “taxation without representation” and if you recall as I said earlier it is one of the very reasons our country revolted against the tyranny of the British monarch

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